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HISTORIC 7 ISLANDS CRUISE package can be split by up to 8 people @ $107 each

Book the entire package for yourself or book singles and meet new friends.

We will pickup and drop you off wherever you are staying, this boat tour starts off in Dampier where the leisurely tour will begin.

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Tour includes:

  1. Site Seeing
  2. Historic Presentation by a Traditional Aboriginal Land Owner
  3. Boat Tour
  4. BBQ Lunch

Aboriginal heritage:

Many thousands of Aboriginal rock engravings, shell middens, stone arrangements and artifact scatters are located in the Dampier Archipelago and Burrup Peninsula. These features are evidence of at least 20,000 years of intensive land use by past Aboriginal occupants. Some sites date back to the last ice age. These outstanding examples of Aboriginal heritage and culture within the ancient landscape have been acknowledged through the National Heritage Listing of the area. Identified as one of the densest concentrations of rock engravings in the world, designs include an exceptional range of mythological beings, human and animal figures and geometric patterns. The area also contains a high density of stone features, including standing stones, stone pits and circular stone arrangements.

European heritage:

Although the islands now known as the Dampier Archipelago appeared on a chart drawn in 1628 for the Dutch East India Company the first recorded European to visit to the Dampier Archipelago was Englishman William Dampier aboard the Cygnet in 1688. Relics of later occupation can be seen on the islands with structures remaining from whaling, pearling and pastoral activities. Large cast iron try-pots encased in stone ovens on Malus Island are the remnants of a whaling station that operated between 1870 and 1872. On the east side of West Lewis Island are the remains of a pastoral settlement, with stone buildings and extensive sheep pens still visible. Between 1870 and 1900 Flying Foam Passage was the major pearling area of the North West. The remains of the Pearlers camp can be seen at Black Hawke Bay on Gidley Island.

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Any type of food wear will do for this tour.

Yes alcohol is permitted in moderate quantities

Sorry no pets are permitted.

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